Star Wars: Battlefront 2 Release Date Set for Fall 2017

Star Wars: Battlefront 2 will be released “a year from now” EA has confirmed, meaning that Battlefront 2 will be released in time for holiday season 2017.

Star Wars: Battlefront was released last year on November 17th, so expect its sequel from DICE, Battlefront 2, to be released around the same time. It’s no secret that a second Battlefront game was on the horizon, as EA confirmed back in May that a sequel was on the horizon.

EA’s Chief Financial Office Blake Jorgensen confirmed the release window during EA’s Q2 Earnings Call and also added that another Star Wars game could be released before April 2018. EA have several studios currently working on different Star Wars games. DICE are working with developer Motive to make Battlefront 2, while Visceral are also known to be developing a Star Wars game, potentially the one Jorgensen referenced for a possible 2018 release.

“We’re working very hard on making sure that it’s an extremely deep and engaging offering,” added Jorgensen. Although we don’t know much about Battlefront 2, Jorgensen did also add that it would pull scenes from the movies more.

Titanfall developer Respawn Entertainment are also currently developing a Star Wars game. There’s been no better time to be a Star Wars fan than now by the looks of it.

Star Wars: Battlefront was a big success for EA and DICE when it launched last year, shipping over 14 million units.

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Fatty November 2, 2016 - 22:07

Can’t wait for the game. I hope that we are going to get a proper campaign this time

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