Production of Nintendo Wii U to End This Friday

The Nintendo Wii U is set to cease production this Friday when the final consoles leave the production line for the last time, ready to be shipped to retailers.

The end of Wii U production signals the end of the Wii U era which began when the console was launched worldwide in 2012.

According to Eurogamer, the final deadline for orders of the Wii U from Nintendo’s production line passed yesterday with only a handful of further orders being placed. This Friday, November 4th, will see the final batch of Wii U consoles being produced at which point no more will be made.

As of September 30th, Nintendo has shipped 13.36 million Wii U consoles. The final sale figures for Wii U will be slightly higher, although not by much.

Despite Nintendo’s huge success with the Wii, its successor, the Wii U, has failed to make an impact, and as a result it is Nintendo’s worst selling console of the 21st century. For comparison, the Nintendo Wii sold 101 million units with the GameCube and N64 selling 21 million and 32 million units, respectively.

Nintendo are now shifting their focus to Nintendo Switch which will launch in early 2017. More details about Nintendo’s latest console will be revealed on January 13th.


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