GTA V has sold over 54 million copies

GTA V has shipped over 54 million units worldwide since its release back in 2013, Take-Two have announced in their latest Earnings Call. In addition, two million units have been sold in the last quarter.

Take-Two’s Chairman and CEO Strauss Zelnick stated, “Nearly two years after its record-shattering launch, Grand Theft Auto 5 continues to outperform expectations. On April 14, Rockstar Games brought this groundbreaking title to PC with a number of enhancements, generating stellar reviews and strong digitally delivered sales. In addition, we benefited from ongoing demand for the console versions of Grand Theft Auto 5, particularly as the installed bases of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One expand.”

Strauss added, “To-date, Grand Theft Auto V has sold in more than 54 million units worldwide. And Rockstar Games is successfully driving engagement with the title and meaningful incremental profits through their release of new content for Grand Theft Auto Online, which I’ll discuss shortly.”

One of the reasons for Grand Theft Auto 5 selling so many copies and keeping gamers playing the game long after its release and spending money is thanks to Grand Theft Auto Online, which has been extremely popular with gamers.

Zelnick revealed that around 70% of internet-connected GTA V users have played the games online mode, Grand Theft Auto Online. GTA Online’s user base also continues to grow, seeing the average monthly active users for 2015 up bu more than 40% compared to 2014. The rise in active users is mostly down to the launch of the game on PC back in April


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