Titanfall 1 Sells 11 Million Units

The original Titanfall, which was only released on Microsoft platforms, has sold around 11 million units, according too Respawn Entertainment’s Chief Operating Officer Dusty Welch.

Speaking to Playstation Lifestyle, Dusty had the following to say:

EA released at some point, 7.5 million. I think we’re at almost 11 million unique players. For a single platform early on in the hardware cycle, that’s extraordinary. What I’ve heard from EA is that it’s their best-selling new IP ever. So I think back to my early days with all of the Call of Duty games, you know, Titanfall 1…well ahead of the sales curve of Call of Duty. The attach rate was much higher

Titanfall 2 will be released on the 28th October, and it’s promised to be a more polished game than the first. Dusty also shared why the original game never made it to the Sony consoles:

That decision is one that was out of our hands — the EA decision with Microsoft. We would always like these to be multi platform. The more consumers that can play ’em, the better. It’s not about money, it’s about the audience base, which is important

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