It Looks Like No Man’s Sky Wipes Your Discoveries After Two Weeks

UPDATE 28/08/2016: The Reddit user who first reported the issue has made an update stating that he managed to recover his discoveries, meaning that in this instance it appears that it was a bug in the game. Dark_Nexis re-downloaded the game and when he started it up, his discoveries on the starter planet appeared as they should have. If you’re experiencing the same issue, there’s a chance that re-downloading the game may fix the problem.

However there are still reports from other users that their discoveries no longer appear and are sometimes even being overwritten when another player comes along and discovers their planet. If these reports are true, it seems likely that the servers can only support so many discoveries before older discoveries get overwritten, or that the game needs another player to visit your planet for it to re-load your discoveries.

Frankly at this point though, who knows what’s going on? We’ll wait for Hello Games to address the issue next week.


Original Story: It looks like things are going from bad to worse for No Man’s Sky as it now looks like any discoveries you make are wiped after just two weeks, sparking further accusations that gamers have been misled by Hello Games.

There’s no secret that No Man’s Sky was hyped far too much and the game has suffered as a result, failing to live up to the expectations of a lot of gamers. However, this latest revelation can not be pinned on the hype and instead seems to be a case of Hello Games potentially misleading its customers.

One of the main features of No Man’s Sky is the ability to explore and make discoveries, allowing you to name planets and wildlife in the process. Unfortunately, while that is strictly true at face value, it looks as if your discoveries get wiped after just two weeks, which makes your animal and plant discoveries feel a little bit…meaningless. As the No Man’s Sky universe is so huge, most explorers probably won’t go back and visit many, if any of their previous planets they encountered. However, it was stated that you very well could end up visiting a planet that someone else had discovered which would make you believe that your discoveries would stay on the server for a lot longer than just two weeks.

The first reports of discoveries being wiped came from Reddit with one user claiming that he returned to his starting planet only to discover that all the plants and animals he had discovered and named were wiped.

“I finally made it back after many hours and I found out all my discoveries were wiped,” Reddit user Dark_Nexis explained. “I check a few neighboring stars I discovered and their discovers were wiped. So none of my named animals plants were ever saved.”

He added that the system and planet names were saved, but other discoveries such as animals and plants were wiped and appeared as if they had never been discovered.

The Reddit post has since blown up, however, with numerous other users reporting the same issue and claiming that their discoveries have also been wiped when they went back and checked. Judging by some of the replies, it looks possible that each user has a set amount of discoveries they can make, and once they reach the limit, their oldest discovery gets overwritten to make way for the new discoveries.

As you would expect though, plenty of gamers seem reluctant to jump back into No Man’s Sky and make any further discoveries in case their first discoveries get wiped.

If this is the case, it’s unclear whether or not this was a design decision taken by Hello Games, which should have been communicated if it was, or if people’s discoveries being wiped is an error which will be fixed in the future.

Source: *Reddit

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