Rumour: Battlefield 1 Beta End Date Looks to Be September 8th

The Battlefield 1 open beta kicks off in a few days on August 31st, but there is still no official word from EA regarding how long the beta will run for. However, a reported press release sent out by EA Poland suggests that the open beta will run for 9 days, concluding on September 8th.

Czech website Zing has claimed to have received the press release which stated that the beta will begin on August 31st, which was already known, and will run until September 8th which will give players just over a week to give Battlefield 1 a good try before its October release date.

If the alleged email is real though, it means that the upcoming open beta will be the only chance players get to play Battlefield 1 before the game releases as EA Poland added that “this is the only chance for everyone to try the game before release”.

The Battlefield 1 beta will include two game modes, Conquest and Rush, but will only feature one multiplayer map which will be Sinai Desert. As a result, anyone who didn’t get a chance to take part in the earlier alpha will not get to experience the map, The St. Quentin Scar, which is what most gameplay footage of Battlefield 1 is so far shown on.

EA are yet to officially announce how long the beta will run for but should make an announcement before it officially starts for everyone on August 31st. Battlefield 1 insiders will be able to jump into the beta a day early though on August 30th.

Battlefield 1 releases on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on October 21st.


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