An Early Copy of No Man’s Sky Has Been Bought on Ebay for $2,000

A gamer with a lot of money has gone and purchased an alleged leaked copy of No Man’s Sky on eBay for an eye watering $2,000, less than two weeks before the game’s official release. He also paid just over $50 in postage to ensure that he receives the copy as early as possible. What’s $50 though when you’ve already spent two grand?

No Man’s Sky releases in North America on August 9th with Europeans getting the game on August 10th, however, as it appears that the purchaser, who is a redditor who goes by the name of daymeeuhn, is located in North America, he has paid $2,000 to receive the game 11 days early, meaning he is paying roughly $175 per day that he gets to play the game early.

The seller put their copy of No Man’s Sky up on eBay and allegedly streamed some footage from it on Twitch to prove that it was genuine and not a fake, although the footage got removed from Twitch before anyone really had a chance to view it. It’s not known how the seller came to own an early copy of No Man’s Sky, although there are already reports of several copies circulating around the world, and the seller’s eBay history suggests that he has a habit of running into early copies of games.

However, the purchaser of this early copy has pledged to stream No Man’s Sky as soon as he receives it if it is indeed real, and so far he has posted several images and clips of gameplay footage which would appear to show that the copy he purchased is indeed the real deal, which will come as a huge relief to him.

According to daymeeuhn though, No Man’s Sky may take several hours to really get into and may not be as quick out of the gate as some people were expecting.

“I like it, but I think I can see it getting some bad reviews,” daymeeuhn said on Twitter.

He added, “My fear with reviews and with some people’s expectations is I think they expect this game to be IN YOUR FACE HOLY SHIT IN PANTS AWESOME right out the gate – and it feels like it’s more of a slow burn. We’ll see.”


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