Games To Look Out For In April

April is here and the weather has started to get a lot better, and then soon it will be summer, man how times flies at times and on the plus side there are plenty of upcoming games out this month which are bound to make time fly even faster. Here’s a list of some of the upcoming games to look out for in April.

Quantum Break – XBO (5th April)

Xbox One starts off the month with a bang as Quantum Break, Remedy’s most ambitious game to date, hits stores early April. Not only is Quantum Break a game, but it’s a digital live action series, how you play the game impacts the show, and the show informs you on how you play the game. You will have choices to make that will shape events in the game and show…”say whaaat?”. The game also has a full cast of top actors, including Game of Thrones‘ Littlefinger, the scheming bastard!

Dark Souls III – PC, PS4, XBO (12th April)

The fourth entry in the Souls series, Dark Souls III has already launched in the far East and so far reviews have been very promising as you’d expect, I’ve only beaten Demon’s Souls, unfortunately Dark Souls kicked my ass and made me rage quit, so I didn’t bother playing Dark Souls II. Now Dark Souls III will be a return to the notoriously hard as nails series for me, and this time I intend on beating the game. Do you dare play Dark Souls III?

Ratchet & Clank – PS4 (12th April)

PlayStation classic Ratchet & Clank makes its PS4 debut, with a remake of the very first game that launched on PS1 back in 2002. With not only redesigned, improved visuals and gameplay changes, it’s going to be a complete re-imagining of the first game that will come out alongside the Ratchet & Clank movie, sharing the film’s vision of Ratchet’s origin story.

Bravely Second: End Layer – 3DS (15th April)

This is actually a game that will become a year old in Japan when it releases in the West this month. The game even got released in the EU long before the US, which is something that rarely ever happens. Regardless of when it’s being released and where, this series is considered to be great and reminds gamers of the Square that they used to know and love during the old PS1 days with the likes of FFVII, VIII, and IX, as well as Xenogears and Vagrant Story. The game takes place in the same universe as Bravely Default, occurring two and a half years after the events of the first game and reuses the battle system implemented in Bravely Default.


The Banner Saga 2 – PC (19th April)

The Banner Saga continues with the second part of the 3 game series coming this month. There will be a preview on the site of the game at a later date and you can check out Gaming Respawn’s review HERE. I loved the first part in the saga, playing it for the first time this year on PS4, a little annoyed at myself for not playing it when it first came out, but it’s well worth the wait. Playing the preview build of the game all my memories came flooding back and I remember why the game had such an impact on me. I can’t really say much until my preview, but the game is beautifully crafted and you should buy the first part of the saga now, just in time for part 2.


Star Fox Zero – Wii U (22nd April)

Remember Star Fox anyone? He’s a Fox that looks like a mean teddybear, no?…Well it has been a very long time. The last game was in 2011 on the 3DS, but that was a remake of the original title. The last actual console Star Fox game was back in 2005 on the Gamecube. Gaming has changed a lot since then, so it’s going to be very interesting to see how a new Star Fox will hold up to today’s gaming standards. A stand-alone tower defense game, Star Fox: Guard, will be bundled with the game.

Alienation – PS4 (26th April)

Do you all remember when the PS4 first launched? There was this little game that was given out free, at first not many people paid it much attention because we were too busy playing our new shiny Killzone: Shadow Fall and Knack. Soon after that, we all realised the brilliance of Resogun and played it religiously trying to beat our high score. So if you enjoyed Resogun, and it’s safe to say you did, you should check out Housemarque’s new game. A gorgeous, fast paced alien-themed spiritual successor to Dead Nation.

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