How to Get the Most Out of PC Gaming

During the COVID-19 pandemic, PC gaming was on the rise, and it increased the popularity of platforms such as Twitch. Thanks to this platform, people have realised that watching someone else play is just as fun as playing the game themselves.

Twitch has led to a sharp spike in people enjoying gaming on a computer and, generally, in being more involved in technology.

Maybe you were a console-only person, and you’ve recently fallen in love with PC gaming for the first time, or you’re returning to it. Either way, having a solid setup in place is a great way to elevate the experience.


Optimise Your Rig

The best hardware is the path to the best gaming experience. Most importantly of all, you will need a high-performance graphics processing unit (GPU).

You will likely upgrade your current GPU by purchasing a new graphics card.

Remember that your choice of game will affect what kit you need. If you’re a fan of retro games or ones with basic graphics, you can skimp a little here. But it’s a different story for ultra-modern games made for high definition.


Get the Right Settings in Place

Windows has long been the OS of choice for gamers, and you can utilise several in-built features of Microsoft’s platform to upgrade your gaming.

The first is quite a literal one: turn on ‘Game Mode’. This setting will optimise where your computer focuses the power, ensuring your games get the lion’s share.

Disabling notifications can keep distractions at bay. And upping your monitor’s refresh rate to match your peripherals can also give you an instant boost.


Utilise Nifty Tech

As well as high-class hardware, several software solutions can enhance your gaming experience.

Ad blockers are great to stop advertisers and maximise your playing experience online. This feature means that your gaming experience – or viewing experience if you are watching your favourite Twitch streamer – will not be interrupted by frequent ads. Blocking ads will increase your focus by reducing distractions, leading to better results when playing.


Build a Community

You might get even more from gaming if you share the experience with others. If you want to get in on the Twitch boom, it could even lead to a future career!

For many, Twitch is as much about the communities and ability to meet like-minded people as it is about the gaming content on offer.


Don’t Forget to Look After Yourself

You won’t want to spend your spare time gaming if you’re constantly suffering from aches and pains. These might develop if your furniture is not ergonomically optimised.

A chair with proper lumbar support will keep back ache at bay, while screens at eye level will help you maintain a proper sitting position. Taking breaks from time to time from your gaming will help your eyes to rest, and you can take advantage of these breaks by developing new strategies to use while gaming.

A standing desk might also be an option to maintain a correct posture.

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