The List of Video Games Set in a School

Schools are different: In some, students study diligently, making plans for the future; in others, students write off homework and behave badly; and yet in others, students escape from a killer who is lurking around the corner. In this article, you will find a list of the most interesting video games set in a school, ranging from funny to bloody and creepy.

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Psychonauts will force the player to travel into the depths of the mind of the protagonist and other characters. You have to play as a boy named Raz, who dreams of becoming a Psychonaut – a special agent who can easily penetrate someone else’s mind. To do this, he goes to the camp where Psychonauts learn all the tricks.

However, in the course of training, it turns out that someone took control of the teachers, and the brains of the students were removed. Now they sit all day in front of the TV screen, brainless in the truest sense. Raz wants to figure out what happened and who is to blame.

The theme of the imaginary world provides a huge scope for imagination, and the developers of Psychonauts used it to the fullest – the game turned out to be really unusual and addictive.

In 2021, the game received a sequel – even better, funnier, and crazier.


Harry Potter Series

Fans of the Potteriana have probably played through all the games in the series more than once, despite the jambs of the developers. And who, reading Rowling’s books or at least watching films based on them, did not imagine themselves in the place of the Boy Who Lived?

The Harry Potter adventure series has eight main games (the latter is divided into two parts, like the film), repeating all the cinematic events. In the guise of Harry, you will learn spells, uncover the secrets of Hogwarts Castle and, of course, save the world from Voldemort. They also released two LEGO games and a Harry Potter spin-off: Quidditch World Cup.


LEGO Harry Potter

This is one of the versions of the Harry Potter story with characters stylized as LEGO figures. The developers made an attempt to combine arcade elements with puzzles and adventure, which we have to admit, was successful. Book hepatology is divided into two games, in which the plot canons are observed, and the characters are endowed with the character that J. Rowling vividly described on the pages of the novels.

The gameplay of LEGO Harry Potter is reminiscent of the main series of games about the young wizard. The user will have to brew potions, use spells, control key characters, repeating their story. Fans of the series and games that do not require much effort to complete will definitely like the LEGO version.


Kraken Academy!!

Kraken Academy!! is an adventure anime that invites the player to visit an educational institution of the same name. On the way, the user will meet unique characters and groups of students, including cultists, ghosts, broccoli, and many others. The protagonist will have to uncover the traitor by joining the followers of the Kraken.

The main feature of the Kraken Academy!! gameplay is the freedom to make decisions. A gamer can join one of the many clubs located on the territory of the educational institution and gain access to new activities that diversify the gameplay. The unusual plot and execution, of course, make the project very interesting. Only pixel graphics can scare you away, which, however, does not interfere with enjoying what is happening on the monitor screen at all.


Bully: Scholarship Edition

Bully: Scholarship Edition is in many ways similar to GTA, though it is not about dismantling criminals but instead about dismantling school bullies. The territory that can be explored here, of course, is smaller, and murders are prohibited, but no one forbids using your fists.

The protagonist of the game is the bully Jimmy Hopkins. He has already been expelled from several schools; now, the young man will have to get used to a boarding school, where even without him, there are a lot of difficult teenagers. Jimmy will have to somehow earn the respect of the local ringleaders; otherwise, his school life will not be fun at all. In addition to the main storyline, the game has a lot of activities – from banal studies to showdowns with assault.


Bad Guys at School

What if you take Bully and turn the degree of insanity to the maximum, turning the learning process into a crazy carnival?

This is exactly what Bad Guys at School offers to do – a game in which you can become a student and challenge the school system or choose the role of a teacher and do your best to maintain order. You will do it by all means – including violence and cruelty. It’s a fun, open-world simulator that offers a lot of activities and a wide range of options for interacting with the environment.


SC/ZH: School Girl/Zombie Hunter

The life of an ordinary Japanese schoolgirl is not good at all. Lots of lessons, complex homework, fighting for popularity in the classroom, love affairs… and then there’s another zombie apocalypse! As part of a combat squad of five schoolgirls, we have to arrange a real bloody genocide for brain-eaters and, at the same time, delve into the past of each of the heroines and help them establish relationships with each other.

The game is full of blood, spectacular shootouts, heartfelt dialogue, and, of course, fanservice. Moreover, the latter has become an essential part of the gameplay here – one of the super-useful tactics is to quickly undress right in the middle of the battle – while the zombies are distracted by the removed school uniform, our heroines in the underwear bypass them from the flanks.

We hope that these games will be interesting to you!

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