How to find a Hazmat Suit in Fallout 4

Radiation poses a big threat in Fallout 4, especially if you ever intend on venturing deep into the Glowing Sea. If that’s the case, then the Hazmat Suit may make your life a lot easier (and safer!). The Hazmat suit offfers +1000 Radiation Protection making it one of the most valuable items in Fallout 4 and better yet, it can be obtained early on in the game. The only thing you’ll need is some Rad-X and ideally some grenades, although anything capable of setting off mines is fine. Thanks Dogmeat.

The Hazmat suit can be found on the far Eastern side of the map and is located in Hugo’s Hole. Hugo’s Hole is next to a large quarry so if you can see that, you are in the right location. Once you reach Hugo’s Hole, you’ll want to take some Rad-X to protect your from the radiation inside. When you enter, you should notice that the thin corridor is guarded by all manner of different traps designed to keep you out. This is where your grenades come in handy. Use them to set off the mines, tripwires and then destroy the automated turret at the end of the corridor.

After clearing out all the traps, proceed down the corridor where you will find a living quarter. There you should see a bed with a deceased Hugo along with a table. The Fallout 4 Hazmat Suit will be located on top of the table.

While the Hazmat Suit offers +1000 protection from Radiation, it provides barely any damage resistance meaning that you will probably only want to wear it in areas with high radiation but a low threat of violence, therefore it is best to use for exploring.

This video shows you exactly what the area looks like and you’ll see the corridor with all the traps is filled with yellow barrels and a lot of radiation.

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