Games We Want on Nintendo Switch

UPDATE: This list was written before the Nintendo Direct presentation at this years E3 during which Secret of Mana has since been released on the Switch which makes that entry redundant. But hey! GTA 5, make it happen!

Hardcore gamers have said that the Switch is not powerful enough to play good games. With games like The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and the most recent Doom game being such a success on the platform, there is no reason more games can’t be put on the console that has recently sold more systems than the PS4 in two years, while the PS4 has been out for five years.


Portal and Portal 2

Portal has been ported to console since its initial release on PC. The simple yet amazing game provides a unique first-person puzzler with a good story. Portal 2 expanded on the same features and added cooperative play with a lot of humor.

Can/Will it happen?
Unknown currently. The Switch hardware should have no issues with either one of these games.


Earlier Final Fantasy Titles

I am enjoying playing Final Fantasy VII on my Switch and Xbox One. Also available are Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X and X2, and Final Fantasy XII. I would have to say my favorite ones are Final Fantasy VII and the original. I would like to see some of the older games that were released on the Nintendo Entertainment System and Super Nintendo to be re-released on the Switch.

Can/Will it happen?
Unknown currently. The games have been ported to several systems, mainly on Nintendo’s handhelds. There is no reason these games couldn’t be moved to the Switch.


Original NES Games

We do have access to some of these, if you have a subscription to the Nintendo online service. The downfall of this is that you must be online to access the games. I do not have the ability to connect to the internet at work on my Switch, which is mainly when I play it. Therefore, I cannot play these games anytime I want. It would be great if I could get the games like Nintendo did in the past by using the Virtual Console.

Can/Will it happen?
Nintendo has already said that the Virtual Console will not be coming back. So, unless they decide to release the games as a separate collection, the only way to access some of them is via the Nintendo online service.


Super Mario World

This Mario game is one of my all-time favorites. The other is Super Mario Bros. 3, and that one is available via the Nintendo online service.

Can/Will it happen?
I do not believe it will happen unless they re-release the game. Other than that, the only old titles they are releasing are from the NES through the Nintendo online service.


Secret of Mana

This game is one of my other favorite Squaresoft RPGs not named Final Fantasy. I cannot help myself with playing these old JRPGs that were on the NES and SNES. I currently play them on my Retropie.

Can/Will it happen?
I have to say this will be a solid no also. Unless they decide to re-release games, it will not happen.


Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic I & II

These two games are still my favorite Star Wars games. The stories and RPG elements are some of BioWare’s finest work. The games have been ported all over from the Xbox to PC and iPhone and Android. The Switch could handle these games just fine.

Can/Will it happen?
This one is possible. I should start a petition for this one!


Mass Effect Trilogy

These three games defined the art of storytelling by letting your actions in one game affect the outcomes in the next. It is also one of the earliest shooter-RPG games. While many did not like the fourth installment, Mass Effect: Andromeda, I enjoyed it, with the exception that all DLC ended up being cancelled.

Can/Will it happen?
The games originally appeared on the Xbox 360 and then moved to the PC and PS3. There is no reason that the Switch could not handle them. This should be my second petition.


The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker

I have never been a fan of cel-shaded graphics until I played this game. I think this game ultimately let me be okay with playing the Borderlands games due to them having similar graphic styles to Wind Waker. Next to Breath of the Wild, this is my favorite Zelda game.

Can/Will it happen?
I sure hope so, but it just depends on how willing Nintendo is to dip into its past games.


Kingdom Hearts Titles

With the release of Kingdom Hearts III, the story has been completed. While this one is not yet available on the Switch, it would be nice to catch up with the old games until it makes its way to the console.

Can/Will it happen?
This is another Square/Disney creation. The House of Mouse is all about making some money. Just look what has happened with Star Wars and the Marvel movies. This should be a big focus for them, but I would not count on it.


Fallout 3

If Skyrim can be brought over to the Switch, then why not a Fallout game? This game took up a lot of hours of my life.

Can/Will it happen?
If a big open world game like Skyrim can be ported over to the Switch, then why not games like Fallout 3? I believe since Bethesda started with Skyrim, they will likely bring over more of their titles in time.


Grand Theft Auto V

This game has a massive world and great storytelling. One of the best-selling games of all time. This is really a no-brainer to port over to the Switch.

Can/Will it happen?
I do not see why it can’t be done. If Skyrim can be playable on the Switch, then there is no reason for this one to not come over. Just imagine being able to play GTA Online on the go!

There are so many games that could be brought over to the Switch. I strongly believe that Nintendo should not prevent these and other titles from coming to the system if the players want them. In my humble opinion, the more games requested by players that make it to the Switch, the more systems will be sold. This truly is a win-win for the consumers and Nintendo.

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