Have You Played… Splatoon?

Today’s game recommendation is actually a very recent one. Splatoon arrived this year during the summer and I actually wrote a review for the game a while back too. You can read that review here. I decided to recommend Splatoon again today because so much content has been added since I reviewed the game a few months ago. Also, a new map will be arriving when this goes up(today)! So if you still have not played it, then you are missing out. This holiday season, I have seen many deals making it easy to get your hands on Splatoon, adding one less reason for you not to play the game.

Splatoon is a third-person shooter developed by Nintendo for the Wii U. The word shooter does not sound very “Nintendo” but trust me, this shooter involves no bullets at all. Instead, you shoot paint. You control a squid-humanoid called an Inkling. You can customize your Inkling by choosing your gender, eye color, and gear. There is so much gear available already but with the steady updates to the game, more gear is being made availabe. The gear gives you a few perks that help you a bit during the gameplay, which is what really makes the game shine. Splatoon has a single-player campaign which is fun and all but the multiplayer is the reason you come back to play the game again and again.

When playing online, there are a few different game modes that you can play. Turf War is the main mode that you will be playing since it is the central mode of the game. Two teams of four must cover the most ground with ink over a three-minute period. This may sound simple but the game encourages strategy. There is a plethora of weapons to choose from, and each map has its own qualities that may make using one type of weapon easier than another. Some weapons can be used to defeat other players while others are solely for inking the most turf, which is what you want to do. That is what makes the game unique. You don’t win by defeating the most players but by splattering the most ink on the map. This discourages frustrating tactics found in other games like “camping” and encourages players to win by working with their team to paint the map. Other modes have since been added with updates that have kept the game fun and alive.

I highly recommend Splatoon if you have not played it already and with all of the holiday prices, you can probably get it on the cheap side. Also, keep looking out for the updates that come out, Nintendo has announced that they may almost come to an end.


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