Character Appreciation Day #Issue 5 – Ellie

Welcome to this weeks Character Bio #Issue 5. Under the new title Character Appreciation Day. Todays character up for review is the hot headed and foul mouthed young teen, she’s more loyal than a dog, and has your back no matter the danger or situation. She’s the daughter that Joel never had, it’s Ellie from The Last of Us. Raised in an orphanage, and then later sent to a military boarding school in the quarantine zone, it’s no surprise Ellie is tough and feisty that can give back just as good as she can take. Ellie isn’t the damsel in distress type, she can hold her own in the cold blooded environment she lives in and will kill and put her own life in danger to protect the small amount of close people she can trust and cares about. Joel and Ellie will go down as one of the best gaming duos of all time.

Character Bio

  • Name: Ellie
  • Age: 14
  • First Gaming Appearance: The Last of Us (PS3 2013)
  • Race: Human (Infected, Immune)
  • Weapon of Choice: Switch Blade
  • First impressions: Hot Headed, Trouble Maker, Tough
  • Personality: Loyal, Rash, Enthusiastic, Fun, Hardened
  • Most Likely Job in the Real World: Traveller and Inspiring Comedian
  • Best Friend: Riley

Character Quotes

Why are all the pages stuck together?

I shot the hell out of that guy huh?

After all we’ve been through…Everything that I’ve done, it can’t be for nothing.

Swear to me, swear to me that everything you said about the fireflies is true.

Character Analysis

Joel and Ellie are the two stars of The Last of Us and it’s their growing relationship that’s the games highlight, the gameplay is brutal, the story and journey is interesting. But it’s the relationship between the two that makes you want to know and play more. When they first meet Joel has been hired to smuggle Ellie across the city for something important. Joel doesn’t give Ellie a chance, he is blunt and very cold towards her and tries to keep his distance. He also doesn’t really trust her and thinks the job is more hassle than it’s worth. Over time watching their relationship grow is something magical and feels real. Naughty Dog did an amazing job of being patient and letting it flow naturally. Over the course of the game Joel and Ellie develop a father and daughter relationship, they both have a very strong bond for each other. Ellie doesn’t want to lose Joel and become alone again as Joel is one of the few people she can care for and trust now, as she has no other family. And Joel becomes very protective of Ellie, and will do anything in his means to keep her safe, that means torture and killing.

For a girl only 14, Ellie isn’t fazed when having to use violence or is caught up in dangerous situations, she also swears a lot as a way to express how she feels. Ellie doesn’t need babysitting and is quite capable of surviving on her own, she is witty and sharp , so not one to be underestimated. She can hunt and kill for her own food, track and search for supplies as well as stitching up wounds and helping others. Ellie suffers from monophobia which is a fear of being alone, that’s why her bond with Joel is so important to her and because of dark events in her past, she has survivors remorse and is always fearful of people she knows dying.

Ellen Page the Canadian actress has a big fan club and it seems Quantic Dream and Naughty Dog are two of her biggest fans, during development of Beyond: Two Souls which Ellen Page stars in playing the role of main character Jodie, and the development of The Last of Us, Ellie’s character design looked a splitting image of Ellen Page. Ellen Page even said that she didn’t appreciate Naughty Dog ripping off her likeness due to her appearance in Beyond: Two Souls. Naughty Dog changed the Ellie’s appearance to the one we are used to now.

And one last question. If you were Joel and Ellie asked you to tell her the truth about what happened, what would you have done in that situation?

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