Kane’s Character Bio of the Week: #Issue 3 – Clementine


Welcome to this weeks Character Bio #Issue 3. Todays character up for review is the good girl gone bad Clementine. She’s only small but knows how to hold her own against the zombie apocalypse, she’s seen a lot of disturbing messed up stuff and yet still remains innocent and not twisted, she’s done a lot of things a child her age shouldn’t have to be put through, she’s had to leave her family and childhood behind and quickly learn how to grow up in the cruel world she now lives in. She’s the highlight and joy of Telltale’s Walking Dead. So now I present to you Clementine.

Character Bio

  • Name: Clementine
  • Age: 8 in Season 1, and 11 in Season 2
  • First Gaming Appearance: Telltale’s The Walking Dead, Episode 1
  • Race: Human
  • Weapon of Choice: Claw Hammer and Hatchet
  • First impressions: Weak, Fragile, Dependant
  • Personality: Innocent, Strong Willed, Caring, Trustworthy
  • Most Likely Job in the Real World: School Kid
  • Role Model: Lee Everett
  • Favourite Toy: Walkie Talkie

Character Analysis

Poor Clementine, At age 8 my only worry in life was when can I get home from school so I can finish my homework quickly so I can play some games, watch Cartoon Network and fill my face with sugary snacks. On the other hand Clementine has to worry about her day to day survival, who’s going to die today and how she’s going to find food and sleep safely. Throughout the two games we get to watch Clementine grow from a weak, fragile and frightened little girl, into a strong willed, determined young woman. Clementine will easily go down as one of gaming’s most important female characters. Clementine’s character development is very interesting and believable for the world she lives in. Clementine had two huge character changing decisions to make towards the end of Season 1. Lee who took it upon himself to become her guardian and try to find her parents, who has protected and been there every step of the way for Clementine got bitten and slowly is turning into a zombie. Handcuffed to a radiator in an empty room, Clem has the decision of leaving Lee there to turn or shoot him in the head and show him some mercy, This will most likely be Clem’s toughest most heart breaking decision she’ll ever make. Clementine also has to decide whether she will try to hold on to the innocent little girl who depends on others, or evolve and adapt to the cruel twisted world she now needs to survive in. Clementine deep down blames herself for Lee’s death, although she wasn’t there when Lee got bit, It’s only because she ran away after not listening that put Lee in that bad situation that led to he’s death. Lee was the only person Clementine could rely and trust and its shows how Lee’s death still haunts her throughout the game. Lee taught her the basics on how to survive and how to hold on to your values , but no one can teach a person how to kill other’s and Clementine has her fair share of blood on her hands, sadly that is the norm in such a world.

What’s to happen in Season 3? The way that Season 2 can end its hard to say what they can do at this point. Will it revolve around Clementine or will they get rid of her? While she is the star of the two games and the main character the game works around, it would be fun to control someone else, and Telltale have shown they can work with multiple characters you can control. I think the best bet would be to skip ahead a few years until Clementine is 18-20 as I want to see the next stage in her life and how the effects of the zombie apocalypse have taken its toll on her. They could maybe even make her the leader of a group as she at this point will be a survival expert and has already showed maturity and leadership skills, give her a love interest or maybe she will become mentor to the new-born baby while she tries to replicate what Lee did for her, as she still tries and struggles deep down with what happened to Lee.

See you soon for another Character Bio next week.

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