Gaming Respawn’s Top 10 Christmas Picks

As the festive period is fast approaching, you may be left stuck and wondering what to buy for the gamers in your life. Whether you’re shopping for a loved one, family or just simply curating your own festive wish list, discover the stocking fillers that promise to delight on Christmas morning. Gaming Respawn takes the effort out of picking the right gift for you with our list of 10 top gifts for this Christmas.


SteelSeries Siberia 350 Gaming Headset £79.99 at

Super comfy, super lightweight and amazing precision audio is what you will find in the SteelSeries Siberia 350 gaming headset. This is the perfect gift for online gamers this Christmas. Complete with RGB lighting and built in microphone. Read Gaming Respawn’s very own review on this quality piece of kit HERE. The SteelSeries Siberia 350 gaming headset is available here from currently from £79.99.





Wood iBed Lap Desk  £8.99 at

Take breakfast in bed and working from home to a new level with the Wood iBed Lap Desk. Featuring a slot that is the perfect size to prop up your tablet comfortably, the desk provides enough space for having breakfast or to take notes when working from your bed. Get set with the iBed at I Want One Of Those for only £8.99





Fallout 4 Shot Glasses  £9.99 at

A cool gift for party animals and gamers alike. A really cool set of four shot glasses that come boxed in a Fallout 4-styled packaging. Each glass features a cartooned image of an in-game character. Make sure to head on over to Gamerabilia for your hangover creator this festive period. £9.99





DC Comics Batwing Performance Stunt Drone  £50 at Debenhams

If Wayne Enterprises built an affordable mini drone, you can bet it’d look like this sleek little number from Propel. Capable of 360 degree aerial stunts at the touch of a button, the fans are hidden underneath to give it a much more aesthetically pleasing look. Also present is sneaky HD video capability. Get your hands on this super cool drone for £50 at Debenhams.




Retro Floppy Disk CD  £0.99 at

CD Retro is a cool looking recordable CD designed to look like an old floppy disk – data storage, 1980s style! It’s exactly the same size as well, so it fits into a standard PC CD tray diagonally. A very cool little gift for anyone who likes computers and retro business. If you miss the good old days where you had to put your 3 1/2 inch floppy into the disc drive, then reminisce with CDRetro! Plus, you can fill it up with loads of pictures, videos or music to make the perfect bespoke gift. Get yours from Gamerbilia today.





Logitech G29 Simulator Wheel and Pedal Set  £149.99 at

A special gift for the racing enthusiast in your life this Christmas. The Logitech G29 is an amazing piece of kit, bringing racing simulators to life. Armed with force feedback motors and full 3 pedal clutch, brake and accelerator set, this gift will be sure to delight the motor sports fan, no doubt. Check out Gaming Respawn’s high scoring review of the Logitech G29 HERE. You can get to grips with this masterpiece at Currrys now for only £149.99.




Sony PlayStation Bifold Wallet  £13.10 at

This is a nice, simple gift offering, in the form of a bi-folding wallet that depicts the classic Sony PlayStation console. Includes notes and card slots, zip up coin pocket and PlayStation logo. This item is officially licensed and will make the ideal affordable gift for video game fans. Get your hands on the PlayStation wallet at Amazon for £13.10. Worth every penny.





Borderlands POP! Vinyl Keyring: Claptrap!  £7.99 at

A brilliant addition to the small keyring collection from Funk Pop! This will be sure to please any fans of the Borderlands series of games. Get yours from Gamerbilia.





Super Mario Collector’s Chess Tin  £39.99 at

Fans of Super Mario and chess alone can both enjoy this collector’s tin version of the ever popular game. Beat friends and family into a checkmate this festive season with individually crafted characters for each piece including Mario, Luigi, Princess Peach, Yoshi, Toad, 1-up Mushroom, Bowser, Bowser Jr., Birdo, Goomba, Hammer Bros. and Magikoopa. Pick up this collector’s edition tin now at Game.






Pokemon Surprise Eggs  £2.99 or 2 for £4.99 at

An ideal gift for Pokémon lovers this Christmas. The Pokémon Diamond and Pearl Surprise Eggs! Each egg contains candy and a mini Pokémon figure. Collect them all.

12 to collect; Pikachu (2 different poses), Munchlax, Happiny, Chimchar, Chingling, Turtwig, Piplup, Mime Jr., Bonsly, Manaphy, Budew.

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