10 Things You Need to Know About PSVR

The launch of PSVR is just around the corner, and hype and excitement are starting to build as we inch our way ever closer to the release date. To help answer questions that early adopters may want the answers to, Sony has released a mega FAQ on the PlayStation Blog which features over 70 questions ranging from what is virtual reality to games to hardware specifications and even safety.

It’s a behemoth FAQ that’s for sure, so we’ve had a read and picked out 10 things that we believe you need to know about PSVR, if you didn’t know them already. If you’re as eager about the launch of PSVR as our very own Ian Cooper, however, you probably already know these things.

Roughly 50 Games are due to launch on PSVR before the end of 2016

When a new piece of technology releases, it can sometimes be slow to get going with a lack of titles putting off some users from adopting new platforms sooner. If you’re worried about there being a lack of titles for PSVR, you’ll be pleased to know that approximately 50 games are set to launch on PSVR between now and the end of 2016 with hundreds of developers already working on games and experiences for the platform, so we can expect even more games in 2017.

You can play certain PSVR games without the headset 

While most VR games will need the headset in order to play them, there will be several titles that will allow you to play some VR games in co-op mode, allowing one user to use the headset while another plays the game through a TV. PlayRoom VR will support local multiplayer modes, for example, while other games such as Bound and Resident Evil 7 that are PSVR compatible can be played outside of VR. To experience VR, you must wear the headset, of course.

You can play your existing non-VR games on your headset

While you won’t be able to experience them in VR, you can at least play your non-VR games through your headset using Cinematic Mode, which allows you to view applications on a virtual screen. However, non-VR games that use the PS Camera are not supported by the Cinematic Mode offered by PSVR.

The PSVR headset accommodates users who wear glasses

If you wear glasses, you may be worried about whether or not the PSVR will accommodate them when wearing the headset, which we can confirm they will. The PSVR headset is adjustable to fit a wide range of different sizes. You can also telescope the lens closer to and farther away from your face to get the optimal fit. If you wear glasses because you are near-sighted, there’s a chance you could be able to use the headset without wearing glasses, although you’re advised to check your prescription and consider that the focus point for objects is 8 feet away.

Objects in VR appear 8 feet away, despite the screen being a lot closer to your eyes

We’re always being told to not sit too close to screens, so the thought of wearing a headset with a screen just centimeters away from your eyes would seem absurd. However, Sony has reassured us that there are no negative affects on your eyes from playing with the screen so close to your eyes as the focal point of objects in PSVR is 8 feet away. That means that although the screen is much closer, your eyes would behave exactly the same as if you were sitting 8 feet away from a TV screen. Of course, it is recommended that you take a 15 minute break every hour.

It’s not just games that will support the PSVR over the coming months and years

As well as games, there are several other VR experiences that will be releasing over the next few month and years including storytelling experiences. You’ll also be able to experience various media applications on the PSVR including Hulu (in the US only), Allumette (Penrose), Invasion! (Baobab), Kismet (PsyOp), Within, LittlStar, Vrideo, and The Martian (Fox). You can also watch normal films and use apps such as YouTube and Twitch through the Cinematic Mode on the PS VR.

You can’t use PSVR without a PS Camera

In order to use PSVR, you will need to have a PS Camera for it to function. However, if you don’t already own one, you can purchase a PS Camera separately for your PSVR headset, or you can grab the launch bundle which includes the camera and headset. The old PS Camera and the new one work exactly the same, so it doesn’t matter which one you own.

There’s a PSVR Aim Controller for FPS games

If you’re a fan of first-person shooters, PSVR has you covered as not only are there several FPS games in development for the platform, but a new controller will be released which will accommodate first-person shooter games specifically and, therefore, allow for a more immersive experience. As you’d expect, the controller will mirror a gun in design. The Aim Controller will release at the same time as Farpoint, a PSVR exclusive sci-fi FPS game.

PS4 consoles can only support one PSVR headset

If you were hoping to play co-op with a friend or family member using two or more PSVR headsets, you’re out of luck as the PlayStation 4 console only supports one PSVR headset at a time. That’s not surprising though considering the power needed to run one headset at the performance needed to not make you throw up. So, you’ll need two separate consoles and headsets to play in VR together, or you can just share it around.

You don’t need a TV to play PSVR games

A TV will be needed for selecting and changing certain system settings as well as some multiplayer games. However, if you’re not changing settings or playing certain multiplayer games, someone else can come along and use the TV or even turn it off without impacting the PSVR user.

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