7 Tips for Minecraft Beginners

Minecraft is one of the best games out there, across all gaming platforms. It is certainly enjoyable and exciting to play. However, for a beginner, it can quickly become frustrating and daunting. Well, it doesn’t need to be. This article will give you a few tips on this blocky game and how to survive in the world of Minecraft.

Get to Know About the Game First

Yes, you have heard about Minecraft numerous times in the past, but that doesn’t mean you should jump into the game the moment you get your hands on a copy. Minecraft, unlike most games out there, doesn’t have an in-game tutorial, and you are likely to feel like quitting when you play the first time. So, hit the web and read a few tutorials in regards to the game. There is all kinds of information from how to get started, building tools, and much more.

Start the Easy Way

It is best to start with the creative mode, a mode where you won’t be killed, where you have a far gentler introduction to the world of Minecraft, and where you have unlimited resources. This mode is best for beginners and children.

Start Free

When you first play the game, it wouldn’t be wise to pay for multiplayer Minecraft server hosting access right away. Ensure that you enjoy the game first and play on the free server. However, there are plenty of ways to figure out how play for free before graduating to the aforementioned.

Create Cover Shelter

When playing the Survival Mode for the first time, creating an enclosed shelter for cover is the most important thing to do. Keep in mind that you will have ten minutes to do this.

Finding Your Way

Perhaps the greatest danger in Minecraft’s survival mode is creating a home base and being unable to trace it once you leave. As such, it is important to create waypoints back to home base once you go exploring the world. A general rule of thumb is to construct a tower with torches right next to your shelter so that you can be able to spot your base even at a distance.


It is also important that you build a chest as soon as possible in your home base. This chest can be used to store your essentials such as food and weapons. This way, you will not lose your dropped goods if you are killed and cannot return to the death scene.

Keep Everything

I would not advise you to discard tools, even those that are close to wearing out (you can verify this on the energy bar). Tools can be easily fixed by placing two tools of the same kind next to each other on the crafting table.


With these tips, you shouldn’t feel lost when you first play this incredible game.

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