Uncharted 4 Has ‘PlayStation’s Largest Ever’ Marketing Campaign for a Game

Uncharted 4 is big business for Sony and the PlayStation 4, so it is no surprise then that according to Sony UK, Naughty Dog’s fourth and final installment in the Uncharted franchise will have ‘PlayStation’s largest ever’ marketing campaign for a game.

To help promote Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End, Sony will be bombarding the public with a mixture of digital, print and TV adverts which isn’t cheap, especially as they will be advertising during major adverts and on prime time TV. In addition to that, Sony will also have “innovative” in-store marketing campaigns which will see shops decked out in Uncharted decor, including Nathan Drake “swinging from a real rope”. Sony are also planning treasure chest cubes, stand out FSDUs (free standing display units), window vinyls and much more.

Sony have also struck up partnerships with the UEFA Champions League, Channel 4, IGN and Virgin Media to promote Uncharted 4. The game will also be promoted at cinema screenings of some of this year’s biggest blockbusters including Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Batman vs Superman as well as Bad Neighbours 2 to name a few.

 Source: MCV 876

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