Quantum Break becomes Microsoft’s best-selling new IP for Xbox One

Quantum Break has become Microsoft’s best-selling new IP for the Xbox One following the game’s release on April 5, Microsoft has announced. The game has also become the UK’s best-selling boxed game.

It means that the third-person shooter that allows players to manipulate time has outsold other new Microsoft Studio IPs when it comes to week one sales such as Sunset Overdrive, Ryse: Son of Rome, and Screamride, all of which have come to the Xbox One as first-party exclusives. No official sales figures have been provided by Microsoft though, so it is unclear just how much better Quantum Break has performed in comparison to other Microsoft Studio IPs.

However, despite Quantum Break‘s success and gaining the top spot, Eurogamer has reported that it only took first spot by 139 units with DiRT Rally coming in at a very close second. Nonetheless, it will come as welcomed news for Microsoft who have been banking on Quantum Break being a success.

“We are excited to announce that Quantum Break is now the biggest selling, new Microsoft Studios IP this generation,” said a Microsoft spokesperson.

It’s worth nothing that Quantum Break is the first Microsoft Studio IP that has been released on PC as well as the Xbox One. The bar has definitely been set high for future new IPs including Scalebound and Sea of Thieves.

Scalebound has been delayed until 2017, while Sea of Thieves is still on track to release later this year.

When Ian reviewed Quantum Break earlier this month, he praised the game for its gameplay and overall presentation giving it a score of 90, stating that it’s “unique and a big risk, but it works beautifully.”

Quantum Break is a fantastic time traveling journey that successfully mixes live action with video game. It opens up the world giving us more perspective on the universe it is set in and insight into what’s happening whilst we are playing the game,” he said.


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