Kinhank 12TB Hyperspin HDD Review

Some of these HDDs are certainly better than others, and yes, you can quite easily put these retro game selections together yourself. However, for many, it’s too much hassle and very time consuming, especially with large amounts of games and platforms.

This is certainly going to be the case with Kinhank 12TB HDD. Right from the start, I just want to say that the amount of work and content on offer here is absolutely insane. It would take anyone months, if not years, to put together such a large selection of games.

Using the Hyperspin Attraction frontend, not only is it visually attractive, but it’s so simple to use and understand. There are over 300 wheels and game collections, and a total of over 100,000 games; you will probably spend more time scrolling through the wheels to watch the beautiful artwork and videos than actually playing any games. I was mesmerised when I first started using Kinhank’s product.

Not only do you have access to each game’s artwork, videos and music, but you also get themes, box art, and information about each game and its publishers, as well as the genre it comes from. Any retro gaming nerd (me included) will love what’s on offer within this huge 12TB of gaming nostalgia.

As I mentioned earlier, there are loads of different variations of these HDDs on the market. Check on Amazon and you will be swamped by how many different ones pop up. Many cheaper collections/devices will often have many duplicates of the same games. Whilst Kinhank’s 12 TB HDD also has some duplicates, it certainly isn’t as bad as some cheaper HDDs on the market.

One thing I must say is that I do not encourage or condone such practices of downloading games that you don’t already own. Purchasing something like this is totally down to an individual’s own moral standing and thinking. The HDD I received from Kinhank was provided free for me to test and review. They have not had any involvement in this article and only saw its contents once it was published.

The Kinhank 12TB HDD is not perfect and has a few glitches now and then. But Kinhank has assured me that compared to the original version, it has improved everything considerably, and they will continue to tweak future versions.

Except for a few missing videos and artwork overall, it’s quite a polished setup and very simple to get started with. One thing to note is that you will need a decent PC or Windows gaming handheld. I used the AyaNeo 2S with 32GB RAM, and only once did I have to restart my handheld due to the software freezing.

Once you plug the HDD in, you will be greeted with a number of folders. There are some files to install to get the most out of it, but I totally understand that a lot of people don’t like the idea of installing files that they are unfamiliar with. Everything still works fine though, and the setup takes minutes to complete. Kinhank recommend minimum specifications of 10th Generation i5 or later and RTX1060 or later.

The wheels are down the right side, and you simply move up or down to each one, and then you press Select to open that wheel with a number of future wheels and games listed. The fact that there are over 300 different gaming collections means you will spend many hours just flicking through them to see what’s on offer and to watch the videos.

There is everything on games for consoles, pinball, arcade, handhelds, computers, light guns, puzzles and even game manuals for you to read through. I haven’t even touched the surface with everything that’s on offer.

You will also see from the screenshots that PS4 and PS5 games are listed. Unfortunately, you don’t actually get the PS5 versions of the games. Instead, you get the PC ports, which whilst it may be a bit misleading, you are still getting some great content for each of them. For the likes of PS3 and the rest, you are getting the actual games for those platforms.

Some of the arcade platforms on offer I have never heard of, such as RingEdge. And that’s the beauty of owning something like this. You will be getting arcade games that weren’t released over in Western countries, as well as some games costing an extortionate amount of money to actually buy.

You can quite easily use your own controller too as Kinhank have already set up various controller methods already for users. It’s as easy as plugging in a controller or connecting via Bluetooth, and you’re ready to go. It’s never been so easy.

Before I finish the article and give you my opinion on whether you should buy or not, I’d like to mention the pinball games. Included are Pinball FX2 & FX3, both of which have various pinball tables. Graphically, they are excellent, and the collection on offer is huge. There has to be well over 100 highly detailed tables, including those from famous movie franchises such as Alien, Jaws and Predator, to name just a few. The level of detail is amazing, and I spent a good amount of time just playing those on my handheld.

This 12TB package from Kinhank is absolutely staggering and is probably one of the biggest collections of retro games I have ever tested. The attention to detail that they have put into curating everything is second to none, in my opinion.

Some people will say that it’s just as easy to do your own build, but when you look at what you are getting with the Kinhank 12TB HDD and how long this must have taken to put together, I would argue that at $299.99, this overall package is well worth the money.

It’s not without some little niggles, such as some games not loading at first, and a couple didn’t load at all, as well as some artwork missing. I also had to hard reboot my handheld a couple of times, but overall, my experience was a positive one.

Kinhank are a well-known company when it comes to retro gaming and mini-PCs. The addition of being able to buy a plug n’ play HDD with this much content really does push them ahead of their competition, and I’m quite excited to see what they release next. Until then, I’m quite happy with the 12TB HDD, I just don’t know how I will find the time to play everything!!


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