Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair Review

Gaming chairs are an important part of any gaming set up, especially if you’re a PC gamer. When you’re planning on spending up to 24 hours at a time, or more if you’re really hardcore, sat in the same chair, then you’re going to need to know that the chair in question can take the punishment. The Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair promises a comfortable gaming experience, as well as looking pretty damn stylish.

The Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair isn’t one of those chairs filled with ridiculously elaborate features, such as air-cooling, speakers or built-in USB charging. Instead, what is offered is an ergonomically designed chair at an affordable price with a stylish look.

Setting the chair up when it arrives is pretty simple. Everything arrives in a single large box and contains very simple to follow instructions. Having said that, putting the chair together is certainly difficult, if not impossible, on your own. Having someone there with you to help balance the backrest while you screw in the bolts that hold it in place makes the whole job much, much simpler. The bolts hold everything together sturdily, and they come with little caps that disguise the otherwise ugly-looking holes.

The first thing you’re likely to notice while using the chair is probably the fact that the little caps that hide the bolts come out pretty damn easily. I was moving the chair between my living and dining room to use it for some more comfortable tabletop gaming, and for days afterwards, I kept finding the little plastic caps all over my floor.

Regardless of this minor issue, the general day-to-day use of the chair is very, very comfortable. Take it from someone who not only works a job where they have to sit down all day but also from someone with massive, massive back problems: This chair works well. I’ve sat in the chair for hundreds of hours over the last few weeks, and not once has my back felt a twinge of pain.

The Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair reclines well, with an adjustable level of tension thanks to a dial on the bottom of the chair. The adjustable height also means that it’s really easy to perfectly modify the chair to its most comfortable positioning for you.

Overall the chair is designed in a very compact manner. Compared to other gaming chairs, the Puma is smaller in size and less bulky, which is great for taking up less space in the gaming area. You may have thought that it might make it less comfortable for a larger person, but honestly, I haven’t found this to be the case. It doesn’t feel like it pinches in at the sides or that it doesn’t provide enough support for the back of the head.

Visually, the chair also looks pretty good. It is lined with a light blue colour, although there are many different accent colours available in the range. The chair also comes with two air holes to allow cool air to get to your back so you don’t get too sweaty. Unlike air holes on many other gaming chairs, these ones are also properly lined with a breathable cloth instead of hard plastic, meaning there’s nothing to rub against your back while sitting.

When everything is said and done, the Brazen Puma PC Gaming Chair offers a great and comfortable gaming experience for a pretty damn affordable price. On top of that, the chair is designed in such a way that it is compact and doesn’t intrude too much on the available space, which is super useful for those of us with limited space in our homes. If you’re in need of a decent gaming chair that isn’t going to break the bank, then it might be worth looking towards Brazen.

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