Top 5 Instances Video Game Characters Broke into Song

A good video game soundtrack will stick in your head for a long time. Let me put it into perspective: How many times have you found yourself humming Skyrim’s Dragonborn theme to yourself, or the Tetris theme, or the Super Mario Bros. theme? No matter what, all gamers have one specific video game soundtrack that they love. Sometimes video game characters get jealous of the attention that their game soundtracks get and have a go at making their own hit songs. Here are five of our favourites.


You Are Dead – Total Distortion

Credit: Agent DoubleOOP

Death is usually considered to be a very, very depressing thing. In fact, I doubt anything could ever change that…Excuse me? Enter a game over screen that plays the greatest song of all time (okay, maybe not the best song). Total Distortion is a 1995 full motion video adventure game for Mac and Windows, developed by Pop Rocket. Part way in, you meet the Guitar Warrior who warns you not to approach him, or you’ll die. Do so and you’re treated with a funny song you’ll have in your head for days. Why does this sound fake? Well it isn’t, and we have the bizarre Total Distortion’s ‘You Are Dead’ song as evidence.


Through the Valley – The Last of Us Part II Reveal

Credit: PlayStation

The announcement of one of the most anticipated sequels of gaming history should never come without an amazing reveal trailer. The game in question is, of course, The Last of Us Part II, and I believe it’s fair to say that no-one expected to be greeted with a musical number performed by fan favourite character Ellie throughout the reveal trailer. Performing Shawn James’ “Through the Valley”, the rendition provides the perfect backdrop to the intense nature of the reveal, and the lyrics are now forever associated with Ellie and Joel’s adventure in the minds of The Last of Us fans everywhere.


Look Who’s Laughing Now – Batman: Arkham Knight

Credit: CrazyCon500Games

Characters in the Batman universe are probably the least likely to break out into song. Actually, except maybe in the Adam West version. However, the 60s are worlds away from Rocksteady’s Arkham series, and somehow in Batman: Arkham Knight, they managed to sneak a Sinatra-esque song into the dark and brooding universe of The Dark Knight in the form of The Joker’s (kind of) “Look Who’s Laughing Now”. Of course, if you remember rightly, it is not actually The Joker who performs this, it is actually the infected performer, Johnny Charisma, who due to the events of the previous game has been contaminated with the Joker’s diseased blood. Due to Batman being infected himself, throughout the song he hallucinates making it appear that The Joker is 1) alive and 2) having a nice little sing-song. A little advice, Johnny, you may need to change your last name because, if someone pretends to be watching a dead guy instead of you, you just might be lacking in charisma.


Still Alive – Portal

Credit: OTG

After completing a game, you would expect the main antagonist of said game to have been brought to justice by the end, especially if you’re playing first-person puzzler Portal and the game ends with the antagonist getting blown up along with the facility within which you were held, the credits role, you’re left feeling satisfied and relieved. However, this feeling does not last long as accompanying the credits is a very nice song performed by villain GLADOS assuring you that you did not, in fact, succeed and that she is “Still Alive”. GAH!!!


Musical Number – Saints Row: Gat out of Hell

Credit: PlayStation

Saints Row IV doesn’t exactly take itself seriously, but its expansion, Gat out of Hell, takes that to the next level. The synopsis could be summarised with a clickbait YouTube video titled: Ouija Board Drags Me To Hell *Gone Wrong*. Oh, and don’t worry, the Saints Row IV expansion also turns Saints Row into a musical. Not only does one character break out into song, multiple characters break out into song. Yes, even the devil himself. If you’re anything like me, you definitely want to hear Satan’s version of Highway to Hell.

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