7 Ways to Be a D**k in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege

There are a few games out there that are not what they were when they were first released. Releasing a game plagued with problems makes for a diminished audience from the start, but this often gives developers the drive to create a better game by building on the foundations, much to the disappointment to the players who paid full price at launch. Well, Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege is definitely one of those games. When it released, it had too many problems in order for it to be the slightest bit enjoyable, such as connection drops, long loading times, few operators to choose from, and balancing issues, to name a few. However, four years on, it’s a beast of a game that I can honestly say is one of the best multiplayer experiences of this generation. Saying that, it’s not perfect, and I don’t mean this in a gameplay sense, quite the contrary, instead it’s often let down by its toxic community, the players who ruin the experience for those who play for keeps. Here are ways toxic players are dicks in Rainbow Six: Siege.


Spawn Peeking

Rainbow Six: Siege is an attack and defend game. One team of five defend an objective by barricading up rooms and setting up traps, and the opposing team work to take the objective. The most effective and more common way to win, however, is to kill all members of the opposite team. One cheap way to win is for the defenders to sprint to an external barricade, punch a hole in it and wait for the match to start before taking down unsuspecting attackers as they spawn. It’s cheap and ruins the whole point of the game, don’t do it.


Team Killing

Firstly, apologies PrOpA_GaNdAlF, but this picture seemed ideal for my point, makes you look badass though. This way to be a dick is actually being controlled by Ubisoft. In Siege, you have to be careful and mindful of your teammates’ positions at all times as friendly fire is always on. Luckily, white outlines highlight them wherever they go. There are players out there though who will kill you upon the beginning of the match for kicks and giggles, leaving you to be a spectator for the entirety of that round with steam ejecting from your ears. Maybe you took their favourite operator, maybe you don’t belong in their clan, or maybe they just like ruining people’s fun; this is pure stupidity, so don’t do it. Or do it and get a hefty ban!


Kick Voting

This is one way to be a dick, although it mostly doesn’t work unless your entire team is toxic. In Siege, you’re able to initiate a vote to kick players out of the game. Starting the vote gives your team thirty seconds to vote whether to kick that player out of the game or not. The catch? The vote needs to be unanimous in order for a player to be kicked, so unless your whole team are dicks, you’re safe.


Round Start Shooting

I may be the only one out there who hates this, but I don’t care, it annoys me, so it’s on this list. Siege relies heavily on sound. It helps you determine where players are coming from, whether it be footsteps, reloading or shooting, each sound gives the opposing team some clue of where you are or where you are coming from, and if they are wearing top notch headphones, they’ll know where you are. How can you be a dick? Well, a lot of players on the attacking team choose to start unloading their clips from the very beginning of the round. It ruins the element of surprise and causes everyone on your team (if they are playing properly) to curse you.


Bullet Graffiti

This is more for the defenders, really. Siege has some awesome destructible environments; however, the furniture that isn’t destructible can still be laden with bullet holes. Bring in the toxic dicks who think it’s downright hilarious to spend the short amount of time you get during the preparation phase to draw a penis and childishly giggle in the mic like they are eight years old. Come on guys, get a life.



This one is pretty obvious, but it happens. Another way to be a dick is simply rant and rave down the mic to your team. In Siege’s early days, you were forced to listen to idiots shout about how good your mom was in bed last night or how they are going to find you and feed you to their imaginary pit full of vipers. Now though, you can simply mute them, good going, Ubisoft.



Trolling in Siege isn’t what you’d expect. It’s not sending you message after message begging you to try out this great new diet that makes you lose 50 pounds in twenty minutes or commenting how big your perfectly chiselled nose looks in that last selfie you took. Instead, it’s basically undoing everything your team is doing. Barricades can be ripped down by any member of your team, and ripping down any or all that they put up will surely have them label you a dick. It’s not just barricades either, shooting Kapkans entry denial devices, cameras, jamming kits or any team device not only deducts points from you, it also makes your team very mad.

So, there we are, 7 ways to be an absolute tool in Rainbow Six: Siege. These all ruin the game for people who want to play Siege properly, and these forms of toxicity can destroy games like this. Thankfully, Ubisoft are finding ways to stop it, so kudos to them, but unfortunately, it still happens way too often. Don’t let this put you off playing Siege though because, like I said earlier, it’s one of the best multiplayer games out there today.

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