Nioh Respawn: Blade of the Noob- Part 16

Are you a gamer who has an interest in playing a Souls-Type game but have avoided trying one for fear of getting your virtual ass handed to you over and over, leading to you rage quitting and questioning why you play games to begin with? I’ve been there. But what if I told you that playing and beating a Souls-Type game is not the impossible task that you may have been led to believe it is? Join me as I share my experiences and gameplay footage of the many boss battles I fought my way through in Nioh; you might even learn a thing or two, like how to properly beat some of these bosses after seeing them smack me around a bit. Welcome to Nioh Respawn: Blade of the Noob, and enjoy yourselves.


Boss #46: Mysterious Samurai (Shima Sakon)

This boss’s moniker of “Mysterious Samurai” wasn’t fooling anyone, this was clearly Shima Sakon, a boss I defeated in one go back in the main campaign, if you all remember. The guy actually thinks no one recognizes him with that straw hat he’s wearing, haha! Dumbass. Anyway, Shima Sakon has learned some new tricks since I last fought him, and he also inherited Ishida Mitsunari’s Guardian Spirit (that damn Izuna) to supplement his own. So yeah, this guy is a contender now. But could he match the might of other exceptional warriors with two Guardian Spirits, like Date Masamune and Sanada Yukimura? Let’s find out.

Well, the guy was tough, I’ll give him that, but he just wasn’t at the same level as some of the mightier (and cheaper) warriors in the game. That’s two bosses in the final DLC I managed to defeat in one go. Things are looking up for me now. I wondered at this time how much longer that luck would hold out.


Boss #47: Onmoraki

Well, looky here, a battle against a large monster enemy. Haven’t had one of these since the final boss of the main game (I’m not counting that bastard Date Shigezane). Before I’m actually able to fight Onmoraki directly, he pesters me several times earlier in the mission he’s introduced in by perching himself on a high ledge and launching demonic energy blasts at me while also summoning a bunch of yokai to make my life miserable. That just made smacking him around all the more satisfying when I got to fight him directly. As you will see, I manage to basically own this demonic cockatoo throughout most of my encounter with him, though he kind of changes tactics towards the last quarter of the battle and manages to score a number of damaging hits on me. But in the end, it’s still not enough, and he ends up as nothing more than a pile of demon chicken wings. That’s three bosses down in one attempt. Hell yeah.


Boss #48: Otani Yoshitsugu

Seriously? This guy AGAIN? The strange thing here is that this battle doesn’t take place in some random side-mission that has me fighting Otani Yoshitsugu’s “demonic essence clone” or even his spirit in the underworld, this battle takes place in the final main mission of the Bloodshed’s End DLC. From what I can gather, Otani’s demon form was resurrected through use of corrupted Amrita crystals or something, it’s never really explained. Oh wait, I just remembered I don’t really give a shit, and I’m thinking neither do any of you. Well, here’s something you might give a shit about: This guy actually managed to kill me in this encounter. That’s right, even though I’ve defeated this guy three times already (the first two battles, if you remember, took me only one attempt each), he still managed to kill me in this encounter. Even after all I’ve been through, the new skills I’ve learned, the more powerful enemies I’ve defeated, I let myself get killed by THIS asshole. In all fairness though, Otani has been seriously pumped up for this battle, plus he’s being healed by those damn corrupted Amrita crystals littered around his fighting arena, so I knew if I was to have any chance against him, I had to destroy those crystals. Check out my first shamefully short attempt in the video below.

Well, that was completely pathetic, wasn’t it? I didn’t even manage to destroy the crystals before that bastard killed me. Even worse, while I did manage to destroy the crystals on my second attempt (in fact, I tricked Otani into destroying them for me since my attacks were doing very little damage to them), Otani managed to hit me a couple of times and killed me again. I was simply not going to tolerate losing to this guy a third time, I didn’t care how strong his attacks had become. Let’s see how my third attempt goes.

And down goes this bunny-eared dipshit for the last time. For real. We’re never going to see this guy again. Good riddance.

Alrighty, so things have mostly improved here for me. After defeating the first boss in Bloodshed’s End in one go, I then defeat two more tough bosses in one go as well. Getting killed twice though by Otani Yoshitsugu, of all people, did kind of bring me down a bit, but I dealt with him quickly enough after that, so I’m counting that as a fluke. I was still mostly pumped up for the next few challenges ahead of me in the final mission. But was I ready? Find out by joining us next week for our penultimate Nioh Respawn episode.

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