Nintendo 64 Emulator Available to Download on Xbox One

Update: The N64 Emulator has been pulled from Xbox Live by Microsoft.

Earlier this year Microsoft opened up the Xbox One to Windows UWP apps. This update also meant new apps for the Xbox One which can now offer a Nintendo 64 Emulator that you can now download.

Console emulators naturally are very much used on Windows, so when the developer behind emulator Nesbox (an NES Emulator) said his app was removed by Microsoft, there was some disappointment. Now, however, a new Nintendo 64 emulator has appeared on the Xbox store, and it goes by the name win64e10. reached out to the user for proof, and this is what they were shown.

Microsoft have yet to comment on the situation, but I can’t imagine that this will stay around for long on the Xbox Store.

Stay tuned.

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