EVE Online Is Going Free-to-Play

13 years ago, CCP opened it’s doors to the community and gave us EVE: Online, an MMO of epic proportions. After 13 years of subscriptions, EVE: Online will follow suit of many other popular MMOs and go free-to-play this November.

When the next expansion is released, CCP have decided to split their clones into 2 different types, Alpha and Omega. Omega clones are those who have subscribed to the game. Omega are able to use every ship, skill, and items available to them.

Alpha clones are the non-subbed players. They can play as much as they please, but they will have limited access to ships, skills, and items. The skills made available to them will only let them fly Frigates, Destroyers, and Cruisers.

As the video shows, developer CCP will allow Alpha players to mine, explore, run missions, and take part in the game’s huge fleet fights.

Omega players who stop subbing will revert back to an Alpha state but will unlock all abilities again when re-subbing.

Specifics are pretty vague at the moment as CCP are entering open development asking their player base to decide on what skills and ships etc. should be made available to Alpha players.

More information on the Alpha and Omega clones can be found on their Dev Blog HERE

This move by CCP is being classed as the biggest move in the game’s history as it has potential to open the game to a much wider audience.

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