Hot Fudge Games Needs Your Help with New Homeland Kickstarter Campaign

After 2 years of development, Hot Fudge Games announces its Kickstarter campaign for New Homeland, an original blend of various classics from the 8 & 16 bits era, the sandbox genre, and high quality pixel art.

At its core, New Homeland stays true to the gameplay, the look, and the feel of classics from the 8 & 16 bits era. It blends the fun and precise controls of a platform game, the epic journey in a huge world to explore of an action adventure game, and the raw action and challenges of Metroidvania type dungeons.

New Homeland also lives in the times and features a world that is fully interactive, dynamic, and alive by incorporating a Life Simulation/City Building aspect to the whole.

Moreover, the player is given great freedom of action and growth integrating elements from a sandbox/RPG game. You can be an adventurer, a warrior, a wizard, a craftsman, a hunter, a builder, a miner, a trader, a leader, a farmer…

Other features include:

  • A 16 bits era general aesthetic with high quality pixel art and animations.
  • A wide range of skills and roles: adventurer, warrior, wizard, craftsman, trader, leader, farmer.
  • A living world with its own fauna, flora, and people. Human beings have a personality, a daily routine, a job, they are organised and social.
  • An engine and technology tailored to enhance the gameplay and fun.
  • A wide variety of content: Lots of items to discover, buy and craft. All kinds of environments: overworld, underground, sea, and sky. A meaningful list of enemies to fight, with specific behaviors, animations, and patterns. Many dungeon types with all kinds of room designs. A whole lot of NPCs, quests, puzzles, and secrets.
  • Huge, daunting, funny, crazy, small, inhuman, and challenging bosses!

You can help these guys and back their Kickstarter campaign here!

Source: Hot Fudge Games

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