Miyoo Mini Plus Review

I recently wrote a review for the Miyoo Mini, which Gogamegeek kindly sent me. In that review, I praised what a great retro gaming handheld it was; basic and only able to play games up to the PS1 era, it was a really capable device.

Gogamegeek have once again kindly sent me the upgrade to the Miyoo Mini in the form of the Miyoo Mini Plus. So, what exactly is the difference between the two? Well, not a great deal, to be honest!!


But don’t let that put you off as the original Miyoo Mini was a great little device, especially if you wanted something that just slips straight into your pocket due to its size.

This is where the Plus version changes slightly. Whilst still portable, it has increased the size of the screen from 2.8” on the original to 3.5”. Both have the same resolution of 640×480, which looks great when playing many of the older generation consoles.

As well as the improved screen size, the rear buttons are now slightly stacked with a slightly different design to them and feel better when holding the handheld. The additional size of the Plus also helps with this, and my hands sat really comfortably compared to when I held the original. Other than this, the Plus is exactly the same handheld as its smaller sibling, so don’t expect any difference at all with what it can play.

The battery life is also slightly longer, so it’s ideal for extended play sessions of 5-6 hours over the original’s 3-4. The size of the battery has gone from 1900mah to 3000mah.

The Plus also comes with the OnionOS straight out of the box, which in my opinion makes it slightly snappier when moving around the various folders and settings.

I like the new Miyoo Mini Plus, it’s a great and capable handheld and adds just a few additional quality of life features missing from the original. And the larger screen looks great and is a very welcome addition. Starting from $84.99, it’s not going to break the bank either.

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