PGTECH Kit Accessories for Steam Deck Review

I’ve had my Steam Deck for just over a couple of weeks now, and I’m hoping to do an article soon on what I think about it. But in the meantime, Gogamegeek sent me the PGTECH accessory kit, which is compatible with the Steam Deck.

The kit is very cheaply priced at just $19.99, which is a steal in my opinion, and with free shipping worldwide, it is a must-have accessory pack to help get the most out of your Steam Deck, especially if you’re on the go.

So, what exactly do you get for the $20 asking price? You get a total of 5 items, including a tempered glass screen protector, charging cable, stand, silicon protective shell and a hard shell case to store and protect your precious Steam Deck.

One thing I must state from the onset is that the low price in no way means cheap quality. I was overly impressed with everything in this kit, and the overall quality and value for money is actually incredible.

Starting off with the silicon protective shell, it fits the Steam Deck really well, with all of the cutouts where they should be, and it’s very easy to fit. The textures on the corners offer some additional grip, and it feels very comfortable to hold. If I had one criticism, it would be that it may not offer a great deal of protection if you dropped the Steam Deck compared to a hard shell; however, for normal day-to-day use and preventing your Deck from being scratched or dented, this is a great alternative.

Next is the tempered glass, which helps protect your Deck screen from scratches. Now, I wasn’t sure how this was going to work on my Steam Deck as I ordered the more expensive one with the anti-reflective screen. However, I’ve been conscious about the risks of it being scratched from day-to-day use.

So, I decided to fit the screen protector and hoped it wouldn’t reflect too much. Fitting the screen protector was actually really easy. As it’s glass, you simply line the corners up and gently drop the glass in place. It will automatically fix itself to the screen and push out any air-pockets. And I must say that it looks absolutely great. Yes, it does take away some of that anti-reflection, but for me it’s worth it if it means protecting that lovely screen.

Image quality does not lose any of its sharpness or brightness, and colours continue to pop from the screen. When playing games, I totally forgot that I had a screen protector on, with reflections still being kept to a minimum.

Next up was the charging cable. It’s of decent quality and is USB to USB-C, so if you have a power bank that’s a minimum of 30W, you can use this cable with it on the go or with a power adaptor. There isn’t a great deal more to say about the cable.

Moving on to the stand, it has a little bit of weight to it, and feels really well made. There is a textured grip liner within the resting slot, which helps prevent the Steam Deck from sliding around. The dock is purely used as a stand though, so no USB or HDMI slots. Once the Steam Deck is docked, it sits at just the right angle so that you can play it as a desktop with an external gamepad. It also still allows the air to circulate and keep the Deck cool.

Last but not least is the actual protective case, which can be used to safely store your Steam Deck and accessories. The is a semi-hard shell design with a strong zip enclosure and carry handle. It’s a shame it was sold as a hard shell material, but it will still be sufficient enough to protect the deck.

The Steam Deck fits snuggly into the mould and does not move about, which is great and will prevent any accidental damage. You then have a protect screen flap/divider that also doubles up as an SD card storage area, which is a great idea as I already have 4 SD cards, one of which is a 1TB card…so, believe me when I say you will definitely need somewhere to store those cards.

You also get a mesh storage area for your cables, cleaning clothes, etc. The only thing that I was disappointed with was that I couldn’t store the docking cradle within the case. It would also have been nice to have a zipper on the storage area as I found that stuff would fall out when I opened the lid. But overall, this is a great case, maybe not as good quality as the one that comes with the Steam Deck, even my special edition one, but then that does not have a proper storage area for my cards or cables (other than behind the handle on the back of the case, which isn’t very secure).

So overall, this kit really is amazing value for money, and in my opinion, it’s a great buy for so little money.

You can buy your kit directly from Gogamegeek by tapping on the link below.

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