Meet the Team

Stephen Jackson

Stephen is Gaming Respawn’s Founder and Editor-in-Chief and takes care of the day-to-day running of the site. When he's not too busy, you’re most likely to see him chilling in the news section where he happens to spend most of my time covering the latest news.

Ian Cooper
Reviews Editor

Ian's been a huge gamer since the late 1980s. His first console was the ZX Spectrum, but his preference was the Amstrad CPC464, both of which are cool machines. Oh, what a time we come from. At Gaming Respawn, Ian provides reviews on games and gaming-related gadgets and accessories, which he promises to be 100% honest and unbiased. Away from the site, you’ll find him pumping iron, listening to metal, drinking coffee or watching cat videos.

Dom Richards
Associate Editor

Dom Richards has been playing video games since the early 90s (because he is old AF now). His favourite franchises are; The Legend of Zelda, Resident Evil and Halo, but you’ll also tempt him with many more genres and franchises. You will find Dom reviewing games for the site, and also attempting to collect his thoughts on an occasional opinion piece. 

Will Worrall
Media Editor

Will is a freelance writer and video producer living in the UK who has an extensive collection of retro consoles and board games. When he's not busy helping to keep the site ticking over, he enjoys soldering stuff together to see if it works. It usually doesn’t.

Daniel Garcia-Montes

D.G.M, as he likes to be referred to, is a reviewer/writer and subeditor for Gaming Respawn. Video games are is life and passion, though he does also enjoy watching movies and anime, reading comics and fantasy novels, and collecting an embarrassing number of action figures related to his other previously mentioned hobbies. Human interaction and sunlight are overrated.

Mike Fitzgerald

Mike has been playing games since he was old enough to hold a controller, with Treasure Island on the ZX Spectrum being one of the very first he played (Well, most of the time his Dad played it whilst he watched, but he’s counting it). Originally hailing from Stockport in Merry Old England, Mike’s main hobbies include playing video games, watching professional wrestling, following his beloved Everton both home and away, and enjoying a nice pint of beer down his local pub when the occasion allows. 

Anthony Pamias

Anthony's main role at Gaming Respawn is reviewing games although he has been known to cover the odd news story. When he's not busy writing reviews, he's a graphic designer, artist and video developer. His hobby's include video games, obviously, anime and movies. 

Samantha Brown

Samantha mainly focuses on Reviews and Previews fir Gaming Respawn. When she's not busy playing or writing about the latest games, she has a full time job working in a call centre but we all know her passion really lies with video games. Her dream job would be to work in animation or games design. 

Steven Pettitt

Steven predominantly writes news articles for Gaming Respawn. He likes to play a wide variety of games: from simulations and puzzle games to RPGs and adventures. Games he plays include Smite, The Sims, Trine, Vampire: The Masquerade, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, and Stellaris. He is also a massive fan of Doctor Who, classic to new, and could go into depth about lore.

Daire Behan

Daire is a Reviewer/Feature Writer and can usually befound reviewing weird JRPGs or ranting about weird anime and manga on Twitter. If that sounds interesting, make sure to give him a follow!

Charles Oakley

Gamer at heart - producing written content in this industry for over 5 years now specialising in reviews and opinion pieces. Believes you have to do something you enjoy so why not write about video games. Gooner for life and from the good ol' United Kingdom. 

Walter Stoerger

Walter Stoerger - Walter is a college student living in New York who will consume any form of media especially video games. He is a huge fan of anything console gaming, but especially loves Nintendo IPs and the horror genre. He will mostly be reporting on some good ol' gaming news, with an occasional review

Pablo Moreti

Everything Pablo knows and does in life has stemmed from gaming. Passions, interests and knowledge all start out as things that he either saw, heard or did in a video game. Being able to work at Gaming Respawn as a university student means that he’ll enhance his writing ability which he has always looked to do and will hopefully develop skills that can be used in more things than just gaming but gaming is at his heart and he hopes to deliver honest quality content that viewers will enjoy reading.

Justin McKay

Don’t get him wet, keep him out of bright light, and never feed him after midnight. Justin has been playing games since he could type load “”. Half English, half Japanese, essentially human but all gaming aficionado. His tipple these days is mostly the Nintendo Switch but likes a good PS4 game when he has the time. Follower of great music, a practitioner of martial arts (sometimes) and holds a candle for riding a bicycle. 

Lee Pilling

Gaming has been a part of Lee''s life for the past 25 years. Starting out on the NES and working his way up , Scott has seen many consoles and games come and go. His favourites genres are the RPG style of games (Final Fantasy) as well as apocalyptic survival games such as 7 Days to Die and Day Z. When he's not busy playing games, Lee relaxes by painting on canvas or putting his feet with a good cup of tea watching Forged In Fire.

Billy Clarke

Was bitten by a radioactive spider and acquired the incredible ability to transform his thoughts on video games into words on a screen. You can follow him on instagram throuh the link below where you can get to see him geek out, travel and support his football club, Arsenal. 

Isabella Barrantes

Isabella is an aspiring author with hopes to be published someday, and a gamer at heart. She comes from a family of gamers, geeks, and nerds, where they play games together rather often. As you'd expect, she enjoys a variety of games, and is always excited to see what else is new and out there.

Scott Hart
Matt Wojciow

Matt's been gaming since the early noughties and boasts quite a niche collection of games. He also enjoys games that are so bad they're good, including the likes Colonial Marines. Matt is also a massive Spurs fan and will challenge anyway to a pub quiz over football.