Twitch Troll Donates Money as a Prank, Tries to Refund but Fails

A Twitch troll’s idea of a prank totally backfired on him after he donated more than $50,000 to various Twitch streamers before requesting a refund by performing a charge back via PayPal. Unfortunately for this “prankster”, he just blew $50k as PayPal refused to give him his refund, which means that the streamers he tried to “troll” are having the last laugh as they have been able to keep the rather generous donations donated to them.

Over the course of his donating spree, the troll donated amounts varying from $1k and $2k up to $5k per streamer, equaling a total payout of $50k.

The prankster is an 18 year old boy from Australia who goes by the online name iNexus_Ninja. A quick look at his Twitter account shows his disregard for money, seemingly laughing off a $1,010 bill as if it’s nothing.

There are definitely some people who have more money then sense as this young Twitch troll proved. However, his fortunate financial position doesn’t come as a result of hard work and years of graft, oh no. Instead, it appears he has very well off parents who most probably don’t know what their son is doing with the vast sums of money he has access to. That, or he’s just real good at Blackjack and winning at casinos. We’ll let you decide that one…

Here’s a compilation video of him donating the sums of money to the various streamers.

Source: *NeoGaf

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