Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor unlikely to arrive in 2016

Ubisoft’s upcoming games, Ghost Recon: Wildlands and For Honor are unlikely to arrive in 2016 after the developer and publisher declined to confirm whether or not the two games would be releasing next year.

Both Ghost Recon Wildlands and For Honor were revealed at E3 last month and were received extremely well by gamers, however they were showcased without any release dates.

Instead, Ubisoft stated that they would provide an update on the games release when it has “more visibility”, suggesting to us that they aren’t set on a 2016 release window. With Ubisoft eager not to repeat some of its failings with releasing other games in recent years, it seems likely they will try to ensure a repeat doesn’t happen for For Honor or Wildlands. However having had to push back The Division’s release date several times already, it would seem foolish for Ubisoft to commit to a release year and have to push back the release date several times for these titles.

During the Ubisoft earnings call which occurred last night, CFO Alain Martinez stated, “For the line-up of fiscal year 17, we didn’t comment about For Honor and Ghost Recon whether it’s going to be next year or not. We will do that when we have more visibility.”

The two games will definitely not be released before April 2016, as CEO Yves Guillemot said how the two games offered visibility to their line-up beyond the current financial year which runs to March 2016. Neither game was expected to release that soon however.

Given Ubisoft’s record of releasing games before they are fully ready such as Assassin’s Creed: Unity and the delays suffered by Watch Dogs and The Division, we firmly expect Ubisoft to take their time with these two titles, especially Wildlands which introduced a huge open-world to the Ghost Recon games for the first time.


Source: Ubisoft Earnings Call

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Sobekflakmonkey July 10, 2015 - 22:35

If you don’t think you’re anywhere near releasing a game…don’t even bother showing it at E3 or anywhere really, wait until it’s like 6 months to a year off then announce with a release date…otherwise people get sick of hearing about it and devs/pubs end up showing the game off too much to the point where you buy the game and it feels boring due to the fact that you pretty much have seen everything already…it’s the reason games flop, like when they initially showed The Division, I would have bought that game like immediately, but now it’s been forever and I’m just tired of seeing it and the excitement isn’t there anymore.

Amith Thomas July 11, 2015 - 11:41

Very true, although the ‘showing too much’ aspect depends almost entirely on what they show and how much they show. Devs have to be careful about that too.

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