DayZ heading to Xbox One, Xbox Game Preview available to everyone

With Early Access extremely popular on the PC, Microsoft are now set to offer a similar service on Xbox One via its Xbox Game Preview program.

While it is similar to Steam’s Early Access, unlike Valve’s counterpart where you either buy into the game early or not, all games on Microsoft’s Xbox Game Preview will have a trial, allowing gamers to play the game in its current state first before they buy. This allows you to decide whether or not you wish to spend your hard-earned money on that game and if you want to get onboard early.

Xbox Game Preview will be available later today with The Long Dark and Elite Dangerous both available for download to trial and purchase on the Xbox One.

Other games coming to the program include Shelter and Bohemia’s hugely success zombie game, DayZ.

Essentially, Xbox Game Preview will bring Early Access to Xbox One.

Source: E3


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