New Maps Shown in Battlefront II Overview Trailer

Following on from EA’s announcement last week that more Star Wars: Battlefront II information would be shown soon, a new trailer for the game has been posted on YouTube.

Aptly named “This is Star Wars: Battlefront II”, the trailer shows gameplay for some of the maps and planets, including previously unseen gameplay in new planets like Yavin IV, Jakku, Death Star 2 and Takodana. It also shows some more gameplay from the single-player campaign, as well as each of the five multiplayer modes (blast, strike, heroes vs villains, starfighter assault and galactic assault). The arcade mode for playing splitscreen is showcased alongside narration by John Boyega (who fans of the saga will recognise as the actor who played Finn), who runs through the basics of the game throughout the trailer’s runtime and discusses the various gamemodes and mechanics, such as the renewed focus on teamwork in order to earn battle points to spawn as special characters. The class-based gameplay is featured, as well as some of the 14 heroes and several of the vehicles, and the trailer wraps up with a snippet of the single-player campaign and a brief rundown of the first wave of the game’s downloadable content.

As has been repeated before at E3 and other events, EA is promising that the sequel to the controversial first game will pack almost 3 times as much content as before. Free DLC is being promised that adds new heroes like Captain Phasma and Finn, so this amount of content only looks set to improve after the game’s release. With this one, it looks like DICE are trying to appeal to fans of the original games, especially given the fact that they’re unimaginatively reusing their titles and are replicating their class-based gameplay and wide variety of maps set in a galaxy far, far away (unless you wanted those fun 32v32 battles from the first two, of course).

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