Fidget Spinner Simulator Releases $50 DLC

An indie game on Steam called Fidget Spinner Simulator has just released a piece of DLC that costs $50. The good news is that it’s currently discounted for $30 for a limited amount of time…

The game is developed by RedSquare Studios and is available for $0.99. As the title says, the game revolves around spinning a fidget spinner. And that’s it. If you’ve had so much fun with the base game that you want even more spinning action, the $50 DLC will give players a premium gold-plated fidget spinner and a gold-plated vape.

While this is obviously some sort of joke by RedSquare Studios, the game has come in for a lot of criticism from gamers. Despite actually having a positive rating on Steam, pretty much all of the reviews themselves make some sort of joke about the game or criticise it one way or another.

Moving onto something a little more serious though, RedSquare Studios does have a sketchy past with the drama surrounding the studio and its founder, Berdyev, highlighting some of the problems Steam has with quality control.

Berdyev is a developer who has gained a notorious reputation for churning out asset flips and games of generally low quality. He has created titles under various studio names, with RedSquare Studios being the latest.

One of his first games that picked up notoriety on Steam was Dead Inside, which is essentially this asset pack here that is available on the Unity Asset Store for $50. This title is noted on Steam as being developed and published by a studio called bcInteractive. This was another of Berdyev’s studios. Not only has Berdyev been accused of asset flipping, but he was also caught up in a Steam trading card farming fiasco earlier this year.

I won’t go into much detail about that here, but YouTuber BigFry did a video covering the topic which you can view below.

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