PlayStation Plus July Games Revealed

The lineup for July’s free titles on PlayStation Plus has been revealed, and what a line up it is!

Full Lineup
• Until Dawn, PS4
• Game of Thrones, PS4
• Tokyo Jungle, PS3
• Darkstalkers Resurrection, PS3
• Element4l, PS Vita
• Don’t Die, Mr. Robot, PS Vita (Cross-Buy on PS4)

The two PS4 titles are obviously the stand-out selections here. Firstly, the PlayStation exclusive masterpiece Until Dawn puts 8 friends in an 80s slasher movie environment where the story evolves based on your choices. The story is fantastic, and this truly a must have for horror fans, gamers and movie buffs alike.

Game of Thrones is brought to you by those wonderful guys over at Telltale. You will get all six episodes which follow the tale of House Forrester as they try to survive the War of the Five Kings, which is a major conflict featured in the award-winning TV series and the books.

You will have to be a PlayStation Plus member to take advantage of these deals. Membership is subscription-based with the choice of either paying for one month, three months or a full year.

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