Square Enix Team Up With Marvel for Series of Avengers Games

Square Enix and Marvel have announced a new game partnership to make a series of new Avengers games. The Avengers Project will be developed by Tomb Raider developer Crystal Dynamics and Deus Ex developers Eidos Montreal.

Along with this announcement, a trailer was shown for this untitled project, featuring an unknown voice narrating. The trailer shows some parts of each hero like Iron Man’s hand and Captain America’s shield, but they appear like they have seen better days. The voice then goes on to say ‘The world will always need heroes, we just need to reassemble.’

Square Enix’s recent press release mentioned this

“The Avengers project is being designed for gamers worldwide and will be packed with all the characters, environments, and iconic moments that have thrilled longtime fans of the franchise. Featuring a completely original story, it will introduce a universe gamers can play in for years to come.”

A universe for years to come, could this be an MMO of some sort? Or an ARPG like Blizzard’s Diablo? Who knows? Square Enix have said more information about The Avengers Project and other games will be announced in 2018. The next Avengers movie is 2018’s Avengers: Infinity War, which started filming this week in Atlanta. Could the next movie’s release date be intertwined with these games?

Stay tuned for more news.

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