Microsoft Issue Apology for Dead Rising 4 Email Which Some Gamers Interpreted as a Racial Slur

Microsoft has issued an apology after a Dead Rising 4 email was sent to gamers with a subject which has been interpreted by some as featuring a racial slur.

The email was advertising Dead Rising 4 which releases next month, just in time for the holiday season. Naturally, Microsoft thought they would try to take advantage of the upcoming festivities to promote Dead Rising 4. In the email an image was included which featured Frank West with his arms around two festive zombies with the tagline “All We Want For The Holidays”. So far so good, right?

Almost. Except that whoever sent the email out forgot to give the subject a quick check, which is what has caused offence. The email’s subject is supposed to represent a zombie groan, at least that’s we think. Unfortunately for Microsoft, it ended up sounding more like a racial slur than an actual zombie moan.

Here’s the email. Notice that subject?

As a result, Microsoft’s Major Nelson issued an apology on Twitter, promising that Microsoft will do better next time.

Dead Rising 4 releases on Xbox One and PC on December 4th.

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