Call to Arms shooting its way onto Steam later today

Call to Arms will be available to play in Early Access on Steam later today, DigitalMindSoft has announced.

The game will unlock at 10.00 AM PDT or 6.00 PM GMT depending on your timezeone. Two editions will be available to purchase, the standard edition costing $19.99 and a Deluxe Edition available for $29.99.

The Early Access version launches with a full infantry unit roster as well as several multiplayer maps. Currently single-player missions aren’t in the game but are due to be added soon, making multiplayer the only playable game-mode. If however like me you enjoy skirmish battles against the AI, you can set up a multiplayer match against AI bots.

All owners of Call to Arms will also get access to replays, Steam Workshop as well as the map/mission editor well known in the Men of War series.

Owners of the Deluxe Edition however will get access to try out the first missions of the singleplayer campaign which is currently a work in progress. Once the singleplayer missions are completed, they will be added to the game in a free update for all owners of Call to Arms.

Call to Arms is estimated to be in Early Access until Q1 2016, with lots of content being released between now and then including singleplayer missions, new multiplayer maps and gamemods as well as vehicles.

Call to Arms is essentially a modern take on the brilliant Men of War series so anyone who has played MoW will love Call to Arms based on what I have played so far.

You can check out Call to Arms on Steam now by clicking here!

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