Meet The Editors

Ian Cooper – Owner & Editor-In-Chief

I’ve been a huge gamer since the late 1980s. My first console was the ZX Spectrum, but I preferred my Amstrad CPC464, both cool machines. Oh, what a time we come from. I run the site and ensure things are smooth and manage my team. I love all things gaming however I am also a metalhead. My favorite bands are Trivium, Metallica, Bullet For My Valentine and The Raven Age! Feel free to reach out!


Top 5 Games/Game Series’

1. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

2. Final Fantasy VII

3. Persona 5 Royal

4. Streets of Rage Series

5. Uncharted Series

Will Worrall – Editor & Webmaster

The webmaster and general Tech-Goblin for Gaming Respawn, I’ve been playing all sorts of games most of my life. I was bought up on old DOS-era PC games and the PS1/MegaDrive and still have a lot of love for that era, but these days, I spend as much time on tabletop stuff as I do with video games.


Top 5 Games/Game Series’

1. Sonic the Hedgehog

2. Legacy of Kain Series

3. Loom

4. Soulsbourne Franchise

5. Crash Bandicoot Franchise

Daniel Garcia-Montes – Editor

I’m a reviewer/writer and subeditor for Gaming Respawn. Video games are my life and my passion, though I also enjoy watching movies and anime, reading comics and fantasy novels, and collecting an embarrassing number of action figures related to my other previously mentioned hobbies. Human interaction and sunlight are overrated.


Top 5 Games/Game Series’

1. Metal Gear Solid Series

2. God of War Series

3. Devil May Cry Series

4. Mass Effect Trilogy

5. Marvel’s Spider-Man Series (Insomniac)