Final Fantasy XII Remake Underway (Question Mark?)

In an anonymously submitted video on the Final Fantasy Network on YouTube, conductor Arnie Roth reveals a “Final Fantasy XII remake” at the Distant Worlds concert in Pittsburgh, PA. “And there’s a Final Fantasy XII remake underway too, that’s coming out soon” says Roth.

So did he mean that? Did he maybe confuse something? “VII” and “XII” can look a bit alike if written by hand. Maybe he confused FF7 with FF12? Well, it seems unlikely. Roth goes on to welcome on the stage Hitoshi Sakimoto, the lead composer for Final Fantasy XII, which could mean he really was talking about Final Fantasy XII. What’s more, according to some comments on the video (if they’re to be trusted), Arnie was talking about Final Fantasy VII prior to the recording of the video.

It is pretty clear that Arnie Roth really meant Final Fantasy XII when he said “a Final Fantasy XII remake is underway”. All that remains to see is if he meant a remake or an HD remaster. Bottom line is, we’re getting a new Final Fantasy XII in some fashion.


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Kane August 3, 2015 - 18:20

There’s no way they will be remaking FF12, doesn’t make any sense. FF12 still holds up well enough now so it’s most likely a FF12 remaster as they have already done FFX and X-2. I hope this is true because FF12 was such a great under appreciated FF game.

Raul Zaha August 3, 2015 - 21:10

I’ve played 2 of the FF games (3 if you count Tactics Advance) so I don’t know much about FF12 but I bet there are a lot of fans who would love even a remaster. And Arnie probably meant remaster and not remake. Maybe he’s not that familiar with the terms?

Jorge Godinez August 3, 2015 - 23:49

I have never played this game but I have been wanting to for the longest time ever now. It would be great if this is true.

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