OneXPlayer’s X1-Mini Looks Very Exciting for Gamers

I think everyone has heard of OneXPlayer, the company behind some of the craziest gaming handhelds on the market. When I say crazy, this is because of how big those flipping screens are, putting the likes of the Steam Deck to shame.

Well, they are at it again with their upcoming new handheld called the OneXPlayer X1-Mini. This hybrid gaming handheld can also be used as a workstation with the detachable keyboard. But what’s more interesting is how the SSD can be easily accessed and swapped around to allow you to quickly swap over its use. This will make the OneXPlayer X1-Mini one of the most versatile and adaptable gaming handhelds on the market when it’s released via Indiegogo soon.

Main features for the OneXPlayer X1-Mini are:

• Customizable Storage: With the innovative swappable SSD feature, users can effortlessly modify their device’s storage to match their current activities, whether gaming, professional work, or multimedia enjoyment.

• Advanced Performance: Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the X1-Mini handles the most demanding games and applications with ease, delivering smooth and responsive gameplay.

• Superior Visual and Audio Experience: The device boasts a high-refresh-rate display for ultra-smooth visuals and is equipped with Harman EFX-tuned audio for an immersive sound experience.

• Versatile Gaming Controls: Detachable controllers offer both traditional handheld and console-style gaming, providing flexibility and comfort for all types of gamers.

• Extended Battery Life: Designed for prolonged use, the X1-Mini ensures that users can enjoy continuous gameplay and media consumption without frequent recharges.

Pricing has yet to be confirmed, but I’m so excited to see what this product has to offer, and I hope to bring you a hands-on impression if I’m able to get a review unit for testing. Watch this space!!

In the meantime, checkout the YouTube video below of what to expect soon:


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