Ian’s Eyes Releases on Steam on the 1st September

On the 1st of September Ian’s Eyes will release in the Steam store being the debut title of developer Sindie Games, in collaboration with publisher SOEDESCO Publishing.

In Ian’s Eyes, instead of bringing Ian to his classes, it’s your job as North, Ian’s faithful pooch, to lead him and yourself to safety after his schoolmates have turned into zombies. The catch? Ian is blind. Their glowing eyes might look disturbing, but the zombies will only follow the sounds North and Ian make. It’s up to you to decide whether sound or silence will help you sneak past them. Sometimes North can go ahead and clear the way for Ian, but you can’t leave the poor boy alone for too long: He might panic and die!

Features in Ian’s Eyes include…

  • Guide Ian through the game as North, his faithful canine companion
  • Use stealth, misdirection and guile to avoid the ghoulish students
  • No violence

You can watch the trailer below.


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